Baby Car Shade Useful on Long Road Trips

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Baby Car ShadesWhile sunscreen on babies remains a touchy topic, parents have been recommended to utilize a car shade for windows. Baby car shade are highly recommended during long journeys due to the prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, an effective car shade would be needed. This particular car shade for babies is believed to be able to block 97% of UV rays, which could have adverse effects on babies including sunburn, and damage that will take a toll as they mature into adulthood.

Baby Car Shade Becomes a Necessity on Long Road Trips

“We take trips back home to see my family a couple of times a year and it takes us 9 hours to get there. My kids would always get so hot sitting in the back seat with the sun coming through the side windows onto their face, arms and neck,” said Mandy, a verified Amazon customer.

The baby car shade, which could essentially be used for anyone sitting in the back seat, is able to reduce the heat by blocking out the sun. Likewise, the sun will not shine in the baby’s eyes or create a glare when a mobile device such as a tablet is used.

The shade is easy to install and fits most vehicles. It stays on the window by way of static cling which is intensified when it is in the sun. As a result there is no lines from suction cups and it can be easily removed and reinstalled. When removed, it can be folded and stored.

Monika’s Marketplace provides baby car shade in pairs so both rear windows can be covered. The pack can be purchased on Amazon where gift wrapping is also available should it be given as a gift.

Monika’s Marketplace is a company that prides itself in high quality, practical, and affordable products for the home and family. Their baby car shade is made to provide full protection of babies and worry free from the heat that may cause skin illness. This baby car shade can be found on