Broad Tip Chalk Markers For Use In The Home

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Broad Tip Chalk MarkersThe broad tip chalk markers come in a package of eight liquid chalk markers. They are fluorescent in color and produce writings that are sharp and bright. The colors that are available in the set are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple and white. According to Gold Star Selections the broad tip chalk markers produce amazingly clear markings that will not drip smudge or fade. This benefit makes it a suitable tool for making writings around the house.

According to Gold Star Selections, the non toxic chalk for kids can be used to write on mirrors even in creative patterns. Users can leave inspirational messages, reminders and draw calendars. Family members can even write on the glass mirror of appliances and on bathroom mirrors.

In order to get the writings on mirrors, first the surface of the mirror must be clean. The broad tip chalk markers work on any non-porous surface and will not scratch or damage the surface. Once clean, the user can write in broad clean strokes to be seen by other family members. When the writings have served their purpose, they can be erased by wiping off with a clean cloth or dry paper towel or if markings persist a damp cloth. This can vary depending on the surface that has been written on.

Families Can Now Leave Messages on Mirrors With New Broad Tip Chalk Markers

Parent can leave inspiration quotes on cabinet mirrors so kids can see them before heading off to school. Motivational messages can be placed on the bathroom mirror or mirrors on cabinets. The broad tip chalk markers can also leave reminders. Family member can state special occasions like birthdays on mirrors, leave messages that they’ve gone out to the store or remind people of tasks they should do in the home.

A larger mirror can be used to craft a monthly calendar. With the help of the broad tip chalk markers, important dates and events for the family can be placed as a reminder when needs be.

The markers are also useful to leave messages on the glass of appliances. Users can write on washing machines to remind which items are in the washer or which they don’t wish to place in the dryer. The designated washer for the day can avoid the mess of getting bright hues on white colored clothes by writing down a simple reminder of what sort of washing they are doing.

Users can also write on the stove oven. Using the non toxic chalk for kids can become useful here if recipes have multiple temperatures during the cooking process. The user simply makes a statement as to the temperature the oven needs to be changed to and for how long. Cooks can even just use the markers to write a reminder as to when the meal should be taken out of the oven.