How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby

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Are you a new parent? Then dealing with your newborn especially your first born can be challenging and scary at the same time. But being a parent comes naturally and your parental instinct will guide you all the way. Check out the steps below on how to properly take care of your newborn baby.

First Weeks with Your Newborn: Holding My Baby

hold a newborn

You can hold your newborn by holding his head, neck and his back or you can cradle him in your arms. Your scent helps your baby relax so hold him closer and you’ll never know how time flies.


First Weeks with Your Newborn: Feeding

feed baby

Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, this will be the big part to spend time together. You may use a support pillow, and be mentally prepared will helped you out. Finding a comfortable place to latch or getting the right position was tough but you will figure it out. Bottle feeding can also be a great option to share your newborn with your husband and his grandparents as they will take over feeding from time time.


First Weeks with Your Newborn: The First Poop

First poop is called meconium which fills the intestine before birth that needs to be excreted from the body after 24-48 hours after the baby arrives. It was dark, greenish, sticky and tough to clean.  A gentle baby wipes can help you survive this first one.

 baby poop

First Weeks with Your Newborn: Diapering

As a rule of thumb, plan changing your baby’s diapers after he sleeps or after feed in addition after they have wet or poop. If you keep their diaper too long, it can irritate their skin so better yet change it regularly to protect their gentle skin.


First Weeks with Your Newborn: Cord Care

Keep the cord dry by mainly keeping the diaper from covering it. Our doctor recommended to clean it with alcohol. Be sure to get your doctor’s recommendation. If the cord becomes smelly, oozing, or mushy be sure to consult your doctor right away.

cord care

First Weeks with Your Newborn: Sleep

Newborns normally sleeps a lot and wake up when they’re hungry or wet. Sleep is an important part of their growth.


Your love and care is what they need so cherish every moment you spend with them. Watch the full video below.

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