What to Look For in a Good Digital Thermometer

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Digital ThermometerThere are a lot of thermometers on the market these days and it is very hard for parents, especially new parents to choose a thermometer for their child. A thermometer is an essential item that every parent should have especially for new born babies. A healthy new born baby’s temperature should be 97 and 100.3 degrees Fahrenheit any higher and that baby would have a fever it is therefore imperative that parents know the temperature of their baby also doctors will ask for the temperature of your baby once you have called to indicate that your baby is hot, not feeling well or looking flushed. So how do you know which thermometer to buy? Here are types of thermometers available and the characteristics of a good thermometer.

Types of Thermometers

Glass and Mercury Thermometer– Glass and Mercury thermometers usually consist of a glass tube with mercury inside. The tube is placed underneath the tongue and the mercury rises according to your temperature so anywhere the mercury stops that is where your temperature is. These were initially the most popular thermometers until health agents realized that persons could have problems if they get exposed to the mercury inside.

Digital Thermometers– Digital Thermometers are known to give the fastest and most accurate results and are available in different sizes and shape. There is a sensor at the end of the thermometer that is placed on the desired body part which will read the body’s temperature. Digital thermometers can be used to read a baby’s temperature in three ways:

  • Rectal (bottom)
  • Oral (mouth)
  • Axillary (underarm)

Pacifier thermometer- With Pacifier Thermometers the thermometer is placed inside the pacifier and the temperature is shown on a small digital screen at the front. These however are noted as not being accurate by doctors as there is no form of notification to let parents know when the reading is done also they may fall out of the baby’s mouth.

Temporal Artery Thermometer – Temporal Artery Thermometers are placed on the forehead of the baby and the temperature is read by the infrared heat that bounces off. They are however not always reliable and are only taking the surface temperature.

Electronic Thermometers– Electronic Thermometers are also known as ear thermometers, they use infrared sensors to read the baby’s temperature. Having too much wax in the ear or not placing the thermometer properly can throw off the reading.

Characteristics of A Good Thermometer

Accuracy– Accuracy is the most important feature of any thermometer especially when it comes to babies younger than three months old. Doctors will also need the exact temperature of your baby once you have realized that something is wrong with your baby. For a new born baby even if there temperature is higher by one that could be a sign of fever so getting it accurate is very important. Using a thermometer that uses infrared technology like the digital thermometer by Just-Brill can give you an accurate result on getting temperature.

Both degrees and Celsius– Not everyone is familiar with degrees Celsius and most thermometers only read in degrees Celsius. Getting a thermometer that read both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit is a big plus and can come in handy in times of emergency.

Takes internal temperature– Most thermometers only take a baby’s surface temperature, which can be very unreliable as their internal temperature may be higher. More importantly medical personals will need the baby’s internal temperature and not their surface temperature.

Soft touch scan button- A soft touch scan button enables you to check your baby’s temperature without disturbing them. If your baby already feels ill making them feel uncomfortable will only compound the situation. You will need a thermometer that works fast (since babies cannot stay still for long) and will not annoy them.

No need for end caps– Having a thermometer that needs end caps will only cost you to spend extra dollars as you will need a new end cap for each time that you check your baby’s temperature. Choose thermometers that don’t need end caps but are still safe and hygienic.

No heated tip– Having a thermometer with a heated tip can throw off the accuracy of the reading, making the temperature reading higher than it actually is. Since accuracy is very important getting a thermometer without it would be a good choice.

All of these characteristics can be found on Digital thermometer by Just-Brill. Which thermometer will you be choosing for your precious bundle of joy?Digital baby thermometer by Just-Brill.