What To Look For In The Best Baby Blankets for Girls

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Baby Blankets For GirlsBaby blankets are a staple in many if not all baby nurseries. Additionally, they are among the most popular gifts bought for baby showers and added to baby registries. There is just no getting around the comfy garments that are needed and used at the baby’s birth and usually well up into his or her toddler years. They are relied on for protecting newborns’ fragile bodies, keeping them warm and for providing comfort. This applies whether it is a boy or girl. However, not all baby blankets are created equal and, therefore, extra care should be taken when choosing one, whether for your own baby or for someone else’s and depending on the gender. There are several features to pay attention to, for girls and boys. These include:

  • Very plush: This holds true for all baby blankets, regardless of the baby’s gender and should be made of very soft material such as fleece. This ensures that there is no form of abrasion to the baby’s delicate skin which would result in unsightly rashes or irritation. Newborn babies are accustomed to a soft, cushiony environment while inside their mother’s tummies, so, as a result of that, a very soft blanket is needed to emulate such an environment until they can get acclimatized to their new world. Woohoo Toys plush baby blankets for girls will have super soft material such as fleece on both the front and back, with that on the back often being longer than on the front.
  • Should be large: Standard size baby blankets, while probably being adequate for newborn babies, may prove to not be big enough in the long run. This is because many babies get attached to their blankets well into their toddler years and beyond. As a result, standard size blankets will soon be too short, possibly before they are even a year old. Therefore, invest in a large size baby blanket for girls and boys, usually with dimensions of about 33” x 45” that can last for years to come.
  • Beautiful Design and Color: Baby blankets for girls and boys should be beautifully designed and have cheerful, appropriate colors. Pretty pink is a favorite for girls and their blankets usually have cute little designs such as bows, dots and stripes which will create visual stimulation for them. Boys on the other hand, are usually given blue blankets which have deigns that are less ‘girly’ so to speak. Other colors which may be bought when the gender of the baby is unknown include yellow and green. Such blankets allow the baby to feel extremely cozy, warm and loved, the kind of feelings a baby needs to feel while growing up in a happy and healthy atmosphere.
  • Anti-Pill finish: The best baby blankets for girls are made with a lot of thought as it relates to their skin and possible allergic reactions. As such, they will be, first of all, made from hypoallergenic material and will have an anti-pill finish which ensures there are no fuzz balls resulting from repeated washing. This is important since baby garments such as fleece blankets need to be washed regularly to ensure that baby hygiene is maintained while they grow up to be happy, healthy and strong.
  • Lightweight but warm: Baby blankets for both girls and boys need to be lightweight so that the baby can move about freely and easily, whether they are sleeping or not; yet still providing a high level of warmth. This is because, babies will easily get miserable and feel tormented if the fabric of their baby blankets feels too heavy on their sensitive skin. They do need to feel warm nonetheless, so a good baby blanket should strike the right balance between being lightweight and warm at the same time.
  • Gentle, rounded edges: As simple as it sounds, a fleece baby blanket, in addition to being soft, should have gentle, rounded edges in order to enhance the psychological comfort of the baby that will be wrapped in it. Babies tend to gravitate to smooth curves rather than sharply acute edges and may be more inclined to get attached to their blankets if they are designed this way, resulting in them being less fussy.

Whether you are expecting a little male or female bundle of joy, selecting the best baby blanket will require just a little care. However, once you have, the reward of a happy and healthy child will be more than worth it. Choose wisely.